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Research discovers new methods for measuring and adjusting LED spectrum, helping human lighting applications
author:tom2020 Release time:2020-10-19 16:31:36 Read:4

LED has the characteristics of adjustable temperature and spectrum. Nowadays, more and more human lighting applications such as medical, education and work environment use LED light sources to improve human life. Among them, some applications require high-precision spectrum, which will not produce light power changes, and colors will not change over time.

However, LEDs face two major problems in meeting the requirements of human lighting applications: temperature changes and aging。 In this regard, the researchers developed a self-monitoring method to ensure the consistency of LED light emission。

It is reported that this study is titled "Arbitrary Spectral Matching Using Multi-LED Lighting Systems" and was published in SPIE Journal of Optical Engineering on March 29, 2019。

The paper shows that the author adopted a two-pronged approach to simultaneously measure and autonomously adjust the spectral power distributions (SPDs) of the LED lighting system.

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