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Educational lighting market is hot, LED companies are competing for layout
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As we all know, the decline in students' vision and the increase in myopia rate are the result of a combination of many factors。 However, in addition to the primary factors, excessive eye fatigue is the main cause of myopia。 In the normal state of eye use, whether the lighting conditions are reasonable or not directly affects the degree of eye fatigue。

The lighting effect of the classroom must reach the standard, only in this way can we provide a good learning environment for children. Good educational lighting will enable children to have a good learning state, and poor educational lighting will affect their physical and mental health. To this end, schools must strictly follow the construction standards of ordinary primary and secondary schools and secondary vocational schools, implement lighting and lighting requirements for classrooms, dormitories, and libraries (reading rooms), and require classroom lighting hygiene standards to reach 100%.

In addition, the installation of educational lighting is also very particular, and ordinary electricians may not be able to install it reasonably, especially in non-flat-roofed classrooms such as tiled houses. For educational lighting, we need to start from the following points to provide students with a healthy light environment!

1. Classroom desks are generally arranged regularly facing the blackboard, and it is advisable to use the lighting method of uniform lighting on the ceiling. It should be 2.5-2.9m, and the distance from the desk should be 1.7-2.1m, and the maintenance average illuminance value on the classroom desk should not be less than 300lx, and its uniformity of illuminance should not be less than 0.7; the classroom blackboard should be equipped with local lighting, and Maintain the average illuminance value not less than 500lx, illuminance uniformity not less than 0.8, color rendering index ≥80, color temperature between 3300-5500K, and the most critical glare ≤19.

2. The control switches for classroom lighting should be set in sequence in the direction parallel to the outer windows (the blackboard lighting switch should be installed separately). When there is a projection screen, the lighting switch near the projection screen should be able to be set independently, and some corridor lighting fixtures should be turned off during class.

3. The installation height of the lamp has a certain influence on the lighting effect. When the height of the lamp increases and the illuminance decreases, the installation height decreases, the glare increases, and the uniformity decreases.

4. There are many lamps in the amphitheater (combined classrooms or lecture halls), and glare interference will increase. It is advisable to choose lamps with better glare limiting performance.

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