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What is the development trend of LED drive power
author:tom2020 Release time:2020-06-19 15:35:08 Read:9

As an important component that affects the reliability of LED lighting fixtures, the stability of the quality of LED drive power plays a key role in the life of LED lighting fixtures. In recent years, as the LED lighting industry has entered a relatively mature and stable period, LED driver power supply manufacturers have begun to seek breakthroughs and innovations. The rise of subdivided niche applications has brought a new wave of business opportunities to the LED drive power industry, and a new round of competition has begun. At the same time, the constantly changing market environment brings new problems and new challenges, triggering new thinking in the LED drive power industry.

At this stage, competition in the LED indoor power supply market tends to be day-to-day。 The competition of indoor power supply comes from the opportunity of secondary cost reduction brought by standard upgrade。

In the field of LED outdoor power supply, the high threshold of outdoor power supply technology is mainly reflected in the complexity of circuit selection, especially the different standards for products in different regions, so the professionalism of the enterprise and the cost-effectiveness of the products are higher.

In the LED drive power supply industry, power integration and de-powering have gradually become a new trend. Will it become a crisis in the power supply industry in the future? Relevant experts believe that this trend mainly affects light source products. In the next ten years, the integrated or de-powered solution will not replace the existing power supply solution, especially in the outdoor field. These two solutions cannot meet the requirements of outdoor applications for power supply product specifications and reliability.

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