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In the next five years, the intelligent lighting market will usher in explosive growth
author:tom2020 Release time:2020-05-22 13:53:57 Read:7

Indoor lighting accounts for more than 78% of the smart lighting market. The growth of the market is due to the growing demand for energy-efficient lighting solutions in the residential and commercial sectors. Enterprises and homes are using smart lighting solutions to reduce energy consumption because it can save energy by using demand-based lighting management systems. The intelligent lighting management system detects and collects real-time data about people, light field sensing and daylight to optimize the required light output. At the same time, the system also supports indoor navigation, which allows directional access and improves information in high-traffic buildings.

During the forecast period, outdoor lighting will grow at a compound annual growth rate of approximately 20%. The growth of the market is driven by the global smart city development plan. Intelligent lighting solutions are widely used in highways and highways, bridges and tunnels, and public places to reduce energy consumption. The increasing demand from government authorities to optimize energy use and remotely manage lighting resources has further accelerated the industry's adoption.

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