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What are the common LED lamp circuit drive design
author:tom2020 Release time:2020-05-18 13:43:29 Read:12

1) Direct drive: The COB LED module is connected to a constant current LED driver. The brightness and current of the lamp are controlled by the LED driver. As the main force of the current market, most of them are high-efficiency and high-power lighting applications

2) Built-in simple current limiting circuit in the light bar: 12V or 24V LED light bar is used with constant voltage power supply. The current on the light bar is determined by the resistance between the voltage and the LED or the simple transistor current limiting circuit. Power direct lighting applications.

3) Applied or built-in voltage: the current converter uses a constant voltage power supply, and a voltage-current converter that uses a constant current output in the middle to output a constant current to the LED module. The current is mainly driven by the middle voltage-current converter (DC to DC) control. Similar to distributed power applications, a larger power driver provides energy, and the post-stage voltage-current converter limits the LED current.

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