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In the next three years, the global smart lighting market will double
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t is expected that the revenue of the global smart lighting business will double in the next few years. However, future market growth will still be constrained by consumers ’insufficient understanding of this technological advantage.

Data show that global sales of intelligent lighting and networked control systems are expected to grow from US $ 10 billion in 2018 to US $ 21 billion in 2023。 The sales of residential self-produced (DIY) smart lighting systems will become one of the most important factors driving market revenue growth and increasing awareness of smart lighting concepts。

"However, there are obstacles that hinder mass adoption. The main obstacle may be the lack of awareness and appreciation of the benefits that smart lighting can provide to consumers. This is a key factor preventing companies from fully realizing their full growth potential."

Smart lighting systems can enable "people-centric lighting", allowing custom lighting conditions in the home to help improve residents' sleep, productivity, and comfort.

LED leads the market

The rise of the smart lighting market is directly related to the rapid spread of LED lighting technology, which is driven by the demand for energy efficiency。

However, lighting manufacturers are not focusing their marketing activities on energy saving, but positioning their products as part of the "IoT revolution". These companies have introduced many smart lighting solutions for residential end users, despite the high cost of installation and installation services, and not many households can afford the luxury of professional smart lighting systems. This has prompted manufacturers to introduce simple, affordable DIY solutions that do not require professional installation.

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