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LED Lighting Supports Sustainable Fishing and Protect Local Habitat
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LED lighting technology can not only reduce general energy consumption, but also prevent wildlife in many ways, thereby helping to enhance sustainability. Recently, in Alabama, USA, the Gulf Coast has installed sea turtle-friendly LED lighting to protect the various turtles living in the area. In addition, Bangor University in the United Kingdom also found that connecting LED lights to the large holes of the net can guide the escape of non-target species and significantly reduce bycatch.

The Gulf Coast area with beautiful beaches in Alabama attracts more than 5 million visitors each year。 Coastal areas are also habitats for several turtles among the world ’s endangered species。 A large number of tourists flow in throughout the year, and turtle eggs and hatcheries are particularly vulnerable。

The Gulf Coast City found that it was crucial to upgrade the lighting of streets and boardwalks near the beach with turtle-friendly solutions, as artificial lighting often confuse baby incubators that rely on moonlight and starlight to direct them to the surface.

Therefore, the landscape architect for the project chose an optional amber LED that is turtle-friendly。 The study found that turtles are not affected by amber LEDs at specific wavelengths。

At the same time, a Bangor University study published in the British Marine Biological Association magazine found that when fishing fish in 45 to 95 meters deep water, adding LED lights online can reduce bycatch.

Bycatch usually harms non-target species, including endangered species and seabirds. By installing LEDs on the net, the emitted light not only attracts target fish, but also helps non-target fish once they come out of the net.

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