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Lawrence Lin Leaves LEDVANCE, Qinghuan Sun Appointed as the New CEO
author:tom2020 Release time:2020-05-09 14:22:19 Read:8

Lawrence Lin, who took over the role of CEO in LEDVANCE in November 2018, has left the company, covered by EdisonReport and lightED. Qinghuan Sun, President of MLS, has been appointed as CEO and Managing Director of LEDVANCE since Lin left. Erol Kirilmaz, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, on the other hand, has become Managing Director in the United States and Canada on an interim basis.

Lin had been appointed as CEO and Managing Director in 2018 after Jacob Tern, who took the role for only eight month。 In January 2019, Lin also became responsible for managing LEDVANCE in the U。S。 and Canada since Jim Johnson left。

LEDVANCE noted that the company has continued its transformation and will keep the focus on improving lighting technology。

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