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What issues do consumers often pay attention to when purchasing LED lighting fixtures?
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Social environmental issues Low LED voltage is very safe and misleading people LED blue light harm problem Strobe problem Color incompatibility problem

Social environmental issues

In the production of LED chips, the inorganic acids, oxidants, complexing agents, hydrogen peroxide, organic solvents and other cleaning agents used in the substrate production process as well as the metal organic vapor phase and ammonia used for epitaxy are toxic and polluting. These are also conventional chemicals, which are commonly used in the production of semiconductor integrated circuits and other industries. For LED chip companies belonging to this type of high-tech, their processing processes and procedures are strict and effective, and they are easy to be harmless. .

The LED control device (commonly known as the driving power supply) is no different from the toxicity and pollutants produced in the production process of similar traditional fluorescent lamps, metal halide lamps and other electronic ballasts and various conventional consumer electronics.

The aluminum alloy shells commonly used in LED lamps are similar to the aluminum alloy shells of traditional lamps, and the toxicity and pollutants generated by the manufacturing process of plastic or iron shells will not increase at least significantly.

In short, there is no need to worry about semiconductor lighting products that people directly come into contact with, and environmental protection issues in the production process。

Personal safety concerns

1.Low LED voltage is safe and misleading

The technical personnel of many enterprises do not have a deep and comprehensive understanding of the electrical safety of LED lighting products and driving power supplies。 As a result, the electrical safety of many designed and manufactured LED lighting products completely depends on the safety of the driving power supply。 The electrical isolation and insulation of LED driving power do not meet the standard requirements, plus a lot of publicity that LED low voltage is safe, it will mislead people to often touch the product, causing the risk of electric shock may be higher than the people subconsciously know that its high voltage is dangerous Not afraid to touch the traditional lighting products。

2. LED blue light harm problem

The blue light chip type white LED has a blue light spectrum that is more focused on the harmful spectrum than fluorescent lamps including energy-saving lamps, resulting in a spectrum that is about 1 times more harmful than fluorescent lamps, and has a small light emitting point and high brightness, which makes blue light more harmful than others. The lights are more prominent. However, in theory and long-term product safety certification testing, in fact, less than 5% of the most severe LED table lamps exceed the RG1 risk requirements, and this part of the lamp only needs to be posted in a prominent position "Do not look directly at the light source for a long time "Identify and mark a safer critical distance point to remind users that it meets the standard requirements and can be sold and used without any problems. This is far safer than looking directly at the sun for a short time. And frosted LED lights are even more problem-free. And it is not only LEDs that have photobiological safety issues. In fact, some traditional light sources, such as early metal halide lamps, may be more severely damaged by ultraviolet light or even blue light.

3.Strobe problem

It should be said that LED lighting products can be the least flicker-free, the most stable light emission (such as a lot of supporting pure DC power supply on the market). And poor products can also be more serious flicker (for example, without driving power, AC grid directly supplies LED strings or COB-LED), but this is also related to the strobe problem of straight tube fluorescent lamps with inductive ballast Similar. This does not depend on the LED light source, but on the power supply mode and driving power supply. The same is true for the strobe of traditional light source lighting products.

4, color does not adapt to the problem

Many people have suggested that the LED spectrum is discontinuous, not full spectrum, so it feels uncomfortable. But in fact, the LED spectrum is much more continuous and complete than the energy-saving lamps that people have been using for a long time.


 High color temperature blue-chip white LED spectrum 


High color temperature energy-saving lamp spectrum


Low color temperature blue light chip type white LED spectrum


Low color temperature energy-saving lamp spectrum

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