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FCC Calls for LED Sign Marketers to Abide by Related Rules
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FCC Calls for LED Sign Marketers to Abide by Related Rules

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the U.S. government issued an announcement to call on distributers and marketers of LED signs to follow statute and rules of the FCC.

In the announcement, the FCC unveiled that its Enforcement Bureau has entered into 21 settlement agreements with companies that marketed noncompliant LED signs in violation of the Communications Act and FCC rules since March 2018. The settlements yielded approximately US$850,000 in penalties paid to the U.S. Treasury and commitments to ensure compliance with the law going forward.


According to the FCC, LED lights used in digital billboards and other commercial and industrial applications may emit radio frequency energy. The radiofrequency emission generated by LED signs may interfere licensed communications adversely.

Prior to the distribution in the United States, the FCC requires LED sign models to be tested and comply with FCC technical standards with proper labeling, identification, and user information disclosures. The equipment authorization process for RF devices, including LED signs, is overseen by the FCC’s Office of Engineering and Technology.

Rosemary Harold, Chief of Enforcement Bureau at the FCC, said, “In light of these recent settlements, we remind LED sign marketers of their obligations under the law. The FCC takes seriously its responsibility in ensuring that energy-emitting devices like LED lights do not interfere with authorized transmissions.”

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